Financial closing cockpit: Error message GA626 in KEU5

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Financial closing cockpit: Error message GA626 in KEU5

Post by pkaiser » Tue May 28, 2019 12:25 am

Dear all,

we use the Financial Closing Cockpit on a central system and do the month end closing on the related production systems. We use centrally defined plans and copy them for each company code during each month end closing to ensure proper running.

In one company code some CO-PA assessment cycles do not run (while others in the same company code do fine) with following error message:

Message GA626 Syntax error while generating the include MKGALFA1.
The field "CO_MAX_OBJNR" is unknown.

When running the transaction KEU5 directly in the production system (without FCC) then the assessment cycles work fine without any warning or error message.

Does anyone of you already has had this or a similar problem and knows how to solve this?

Any input is appreciated!

Thanks and best regards


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