Deffered taxes with manual tax events

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Deffered taxes with manual tax events

Post by epifaphi » Wed Aug 07, 2019 6:59 am

Dear all

We've got the following legal requirement from our Bosnian users for tax process:
  1. at the moment of posting of corrective documents VAT should be posted to VAT accrual account
  2. When signed corrective document received from Customer (physically) VAT should be transferred from VAT accrual to normal VAT acccount
It sounds exactly like "deferred tax" functionality, but... standard "deferred tax" recognize payment as trigger for transfer, here we need to use some other (manual?) trigger for transfer.

Can this requirement be solved with standard functionality? Probably something similar to Russian J3RFUM26 transaction? Or it's not covered by SAP standard and we have to create own solution?

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