Cost Element field Blank in COPA document

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Cost Element field Blank in COPA document

Post by adi2011 » Mon Dec 30, 2019 1:51 am


In certain cases (for particular Cost Elements/GL accounts) in COPA document in KE24 report, I am not seeing any value in the cost element field, it is empty.

Before writing this question, I have made detailed research via google in regard to described issue, and cause of this behavior is described in text bellow:

"You will not be having a 1:1 mapping between cost element and value field. This value field will be mapped to a condition from SD in tcode KE4I. The value field could be mapped to more than one condition type.Problem is that cost element is not filled in CO-PA when transfering values from SD. The reason is that we transfer several conditions (each condition can be assigned to a different cost element) with one line item to CO-PA. So it would not make sense to choose any of the affected cost elements by chance to the line item as the line item stands for several cost elements. This is why you are seeing blank values in cost elements for record type F line items in KE24."

I generally understand what is stated in explanation, but what I don't understand (in detail) how exactly is condition is linked/assigned to one or more cost elements? In my SD invoice I have in three rows (standard) under tab Contidions for one line item: Price, Output Tax and Rounding Off with note that in tcode KE4I (SD-COPA integration) ONLY Condition type Price is related to Revenue (ERLOS). Please see screenshots attached.

Any help or suggestion is appreciated and many thanks in advance!

All the best.


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