Liquidity Planner and New General Ledger -Document Splitting

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Liquidity Planner and New General Ledger -Document Splitting

Post by kamelbenhaddu » Sun Feb 26, 2017 6:23 am

Dear all,

We are in the process of implementing Liquidity Planner in SAP ECC6 and would like any information related to this which may be of help, particularly related to integration with New General Ledger and providing cash flow statements for segments and profit centers.

Indeed, the Liquidity Planner can determine easily the cash flow at company code level. But, we have a doubt to determine this at segment level. A priori, the Liquidity Planner read only the standard table BSEG, and doesn't read the New GL table FAGLFLEXA (which contains the segment information).

Any feedback will be welcome to help us to clarify this point.

Many thanks


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