Desrciption text of an objective - Appraisal form

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Desrciption text of an objective - Appraisal form

Post by HumphreyBogart » Mon Jun 24, 2013 10:53 am


I'd like to have different description when our process is not at the same point of the workflow.

objectives description (X for intranet) at the beginning of the year(<p>blablablabla:</p>)
objectives description (X for intranet) in middle year-evaluation (<p>blibliblibli:</p>)

But inthe Back-end (Transaction PHAP_CATALOG_PA, you can only write a unique text)

Is that a point of customization, or do we have to implement an enhancement Badi ?

I appreciate your help.

Release: ECC6 -EHP6



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