Changing size of the loan ID (number) from infotype 0011?

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Changing size of the loan ID (number) from infotype 0011?

Post by adi2011 » Tue Jul 08, 2014 11:32 pm


in our company we have large number of active records so we need to change size of the loan ID (number), field P0011-ESRPZ, from the infotype 0011 External payments from CHAR 2 to CHAR 4. Currently largest generated ID is 99, while we want to extend this to 9999. Provided solution uses infotype screen 8000 with our includes from /HBA/P0011BA0 up to /HBA/P0011BA4

I kindly ask if someone explain me how can this be done and what are possible consequences of this action. Also, in regard to solving this issue, should we contact our company which maintains our SAP system OR create/send OSS note - contact directly SAP?

Many thanks in advance and kind regards.


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