Strange problem e-mailing PO's

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Strange problem e-mailing PO's

Post by Guest » Thu Aug 12, 2004 5:47 am

Right then. Here's a challenge for you.

We have been e-mailing most of our purchase orders to our vendors for about 2 years, with no problems at all. this basically attaches a PDF to the e-mail.
System is R/3 4.6C, decent support package level, using SAP Exchange Conenctor to mail though Exchange 5.5. All of a sudden, 5 vendors (unfortunately the top 5 vendors) have all got problems recieving the e-mails. One doesn't recieve them at all but most of them basically get a MIME error in the e-mail saying that it cannot read the PDF file. The error is $RFC822 error.
However, this is the strange thing. If we get exchange to take a copy of each mail it sends to these vendors, we can open the PDFs fine.
Also, several other vendors have no problems at all, which makes it all rather a strange problem.
All 5 vendors started to have the problem on the same day. There is a little bit of confusion about which day it was, but it is one of two days. One of the days no transports went through to live, the next day two transports went through. These contained changes to how long before PO's can be archived and the other one contained changes to the IP address of an archive storage system which contains scanned images of every invoice.

Anyone got any ideas as to why it is happening or any suggestions at all?




Post by WastedSam » Thu Aug 12, 2004 6:03 am

Short text Internet mail: Included messages

Responsible SAP AG
Component BC-SRV-COM
Communication Services: Mail, Fax, SMS,

Long text

Problems during the display of messages receivd via internet mail that
contain included messages.
Included messages are created by certain mail systems (e.g. Netscape)
when the message is answered or forwarded.The included original message
is sent via the internet as an attachment of type 'Message/Rfc822'.
In the SAP system a message of the following type is generated,
depending on the employed mail infrastructure:

1. The included message is missing.

2. The included message cannot be identified as included message.These
parts are inserted as normal attachments when the messages is
forwarded or replied.

3. The included message appears as a 'RAW' attachment.When the
attachment is displayed you see the original mime presentation of
the original message ('Return-Path:..., Received: from ..., To:...,
Subject:...).Here, the textual body parts might be difficult to read
and binary body parts cannot be used at all.

4. The included message appears as a 'EML' attachment.When displaying
this attachment the system tries to start a suitable PC application
at the frontend.Only if such an application is installed, e.g.
Microsoft Outlook Express, the included message can be displayed.
Other terms
SAP Internet Mail Gateway, SAP Exchange Connector
Reason and Prerequisites
The various Internet mail components of SAP display the following
behavior which causes the corresponding symptoms described above:

1. The SAP Exchange Connector up to and including Version 1.4 ignores
included messages.

2. The SAP Exchange Connector as of Version 1.5 resolve included
messages and adds them as normal attachments to the message.

3. The SAP Internet mail gateway up to Versions 3.1I9, 4.0B4, 4.5B2,
4.6B1, 4.6C1 and 4.6D0 passes included messages as 'RAW' attachments
to the SAP system.

4. The SAP Internet mail gateway as of Versions 4.0B5, 4.5B3, 4.6B2,
4.6C2 and 4.6D1 passes included messages as 'EML' attachments to the
SAP system.
The SMTP plugin from SAP technology Release 6.20 also treats included
messages as attachments of the type "EML" (refer above to symptom 4).


Post by WastedSam » Thu Aug 12, 2004 6:07 am

CIC-EMail Inbox: mail sender adress is case sensitive

Responsible SAP AG
E-Mail Integration

Long text

The extended inbox is not used, but the 'regular' Email Inbox in CIC.
From incoming emails, the business partner cannot be determined because
the email adress is case sensitive. For example it is maintained in the
business partner master with capital letters, but the received email
contains the sender adress in lower case letters.
Other terms

Reason and Prerequisites

There will be no standard solution in CRM, because according to the
internet standard (RFC822) the local part of the adress can be case

But you can do the following system modification to avoid the
case sensitiveness:

** Read objects from central address management
searchstring = address.
* <<<<<<< START OF INSERTION >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
* <<<<<<< END OF INSERTION >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Post by toothy » Thu Aug 12, 2004 6:08 am

Yes I've read that note and with one of the vendors we get scenario 4. However, it doesn't have a solution and also I think that that note is talking about mail coming into SAP rather than mail going out and being read manually by the vendor.

Thanks for the quick respose though.



Post by toothy » Fri Aug 13, 2004 3:27 am

Any other ideas for anyone?



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Re: Strange problem e-mailing PO's

Post by hebowe1 » Mon Apr 10, 2017 5:50 pm

Hi Paul,
I know this is ancient history for you by now, but did you ever figure this out? We are facing this problem and it just started within past few months though we've been on ECC6 for a few years now. Can't figure out what's changed.

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Re: Strange problem e-mailing PO's

Post by Snowy » Mon Apr 17, 2017 11:32 am

you expect an answer 13 years later?

this user never registered... so, no updates to him through e-mail

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