Homogeneous system copy

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Homogeneous system copy

Post by dontlookdown » Wed May 24, 2017 9:52 am

Hello, I have not performed this in quite some time, so I am trying to refresh myself on the BASIC steps, reading guides and posts I think I have over confused myself!!
It is an EEC6 on Win SQL 2012
I have built a vanilla sandbox, and we want to refresh with our PRD system using backup\restore method (just to test the process before we refresh QAS).
High level steps: Do I shutdown SAP, restore the DB onto the destination sandbox, then run sapinst 'DataBase Instance' step (system copy option this time) on the DB (it's a distributed installation), do I then have to run sapinst on the application server to reinstall the CI, or is it just the DB instance I need to run?

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