Inbound delivery from ECC to EWM

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Inbound delivery from ECC to EWM

Post by jassi » Mon Feb 27, 2012 3:21 pm


I am trying to send inbound delivery document from ECC to EWM system and did the below mentioned settings plus other configuration. However the issue I have is Idoc which is getting generated based on inbound delivery document has a different Logical system as against my distribution model and due to this my idoc is not getting transported to EWM system.

Message type selected is -DELINF
LS system my target system is SCDCCLNT100 instead on the IDOC I have ZPOCLNT800

Communication of Application Data to SAP EWM

The name of the logical system needs to be defined.
To create the connection to SAP EWM, set up the RFC destination
To enable the application of the communication, the RFC destination has to be assigned to the BAPIs.
To set up the process, decentralized warehouse numbers need to be defined in the ERP system.
The warehouse numbers have to be registered as extended warehouse numbers.
The distribution model links the specific warhouse numbers to a logical system.

Can someone kindly suggest what might be going wrong and how to resolve this issue?

Thanks and regards,

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