Stock Data (Changes)-Not getting CIFed to APO automatically

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Stock Data (Changes)-Not getting CIFed to APO automatically

Post by abhayghadigaonkar » Fri Oct 19, 2012 4:08 pm

I am using SAP ECC 6.0 and SAP SCM 7.0.
I have batch managed products. I am trying to CIF Stocks (Object: Storage location Stock) from ECC to APO using CIF Integration Models.
I have NO active integration model for Classes/Characteristics as no Classes/Characteristics is relevant for APO planning.
I have activated the Integration Model for object Batches and batches are getting CIFed to APO.
I have activated the Integration Model for object "Storage Loc. Stk". The Initial Data Transfer of object "Storage Loc. Stk" is getting CIFed to APO.

In CFG1 for object CIF if I see logs, for sub-object text "Initial Data Transfer" I see logs and a qty under column 'Number". However for sub-object test "Stock Data" I do not see any log entries and the "0" qty is seen under column 'Number".

However subsequent any changes in the stocks are NOT getting CIFed to APO automatically as a real time transfer. No Outbound queues are generated after any subsequent changes in the stocks. My issue is changes in stocks not getting CIFed to APO automatically. I do not know to resolve this for what message type I need to maintain check/flag in t-code BD50.
(If I do following then the changes are going over to APO but it's as good as an Initial Transfer)
1. Run program RIMODINI or
2. Just deactivate the existing integration model and activate it again or
3. Re-generate integration model, deactivate existing model and activate newly created integration model)

Additional Info:
Based on our design need we are using user-exit CIFSTK01 (Enhancement for Transferring Customer-Specific Stock Fields) to change the Material (field MATNR in Table MARA) to the field Old material number (field BISMT in Table MARA) while transferring any stocks related transactional data from ECC to APO.

I have maintained following CIF settings already on the ECC side - mentioning only those that are relevant to topic:
1.) In CFC2 for user name *, RFC Mode = Q.
2) In CFC9 checked/flagged for application dependent settings 'Re-Read Stock"
3) In BD61 checked/flagged for "change pointers activated - generally".
4) In BD50 checked/flagged for below message types = BATMAS, CIFCUS, CIFECM, CIFMAT, CIFMTMRPA, CIFPPR, CIFVEN, CREMAS,
5) In BF11 checked/flagged for ND-APO and NDI

Please advise.

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