CTP not getting triggered

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CTP not getting triggered

Post by vega1111 » Fri Nov 02, 2012 8:39 am

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to trigger CTP in APO against a Sales order created/ changed in ECC. I have maintained the following:

- Maintained 'Check Mode' as 050 and 'ATP Group' 02 in APO Product master.

- Checking instruction for the combination of Check Mode 050 and Business Event A (Sales Order) have been maintained for 'start production' column value as 'Availability check first, then Production' in GATP IMG configuration

Now, when I maintain 'PP Planning Procedure' as' 3' in APO Product master and next if I change the Sales order quantity then the Product View shows Rec/ReqQty as '0' and does not trigger CTP.

If I change the 'PP Planning Procedure' to 4 etc., then if I change the Sales order quantity then the Product view shows Rec/ReqQty as the sales order quantity, and this does not trigger CTP (as expected because of PP Planning Procedure 4).

Can someone let me know, why the Sales Order quantity in Product view is showing up a zero when PP Planning Procedure is 3 ?

Could you let me know, what is it that I am missing for CTP ?



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