Can PRs in APO create 3rd party Sales Orders in ECC

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Can PRs in APO create 3rd party Sales Orders in ECC

Post by SSK2 » Sun Oct 13, 2013 9:36 pm

We have implemented Sales Order drop (SAP standard) functionality w/o APO for selling raw materials to a Tier 1 Vendor (setup as customer). Tier 1 Vendor receives raw materials directly from Tier 2 vendor via 3rd party drop shipment process (SO-PR-PO- Statistical GR-Customer Billing-Vendor Invoice). Tier 1 then manufactures the end Product (FG) and sells it back to us via Purchaser order (P2P). All this is manual and works great.

We now plan to introduce APO for multi-level planning (PPDS). We want to run planning in APO for finished goods and it also generate dependent demand (for raw materials). So two PRs will be created by APO ; 1st PR for FG on Tier 1 vendor and 2nd PR for Tier 2 Vendor (to supply raw materials)

To-be Process :
a. The 2nd PR should create 3rd Party Sales order which will in-turn will create new PR (of 3rd party category). How do we do this ?
b. Support we mapped step a. now we are having 2 PRs for the same demand. We do not want to delete 1st PR in APO (that got created during multi-level planning) and we don’t want to skip 3rd Party PR. So is there a way in APO for the 1st PR to be treated statistical so that I don’t double up the PRs for the same demand.

We have figured out workarounds if we need to do this manually but our goal is to automate this end to end including APO Planning.

Your inputs will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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