Call planning book from ABAP program

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Call planning book from ABAP program

Post by Eggy » Thu Nov 21, 2013 8:40 am

I'm not sure whether this is an APO question or should be in the ABAP section... let's try here first :)

I would like to have a functionality like /SAPAPO/AMON1, where you can click on an alert and with the push of a button you end up in the corresponding planning book on the right dates.

What I've found so far is that in the background it calls a function /SAPAPO/AMON_CALL_SOLVER with the information from the alert. Works like a charm, opens a new SAPGui screen with the correct planning book.

In my report I've got all kinds of information, but not exactly the fields that can be found in an alert message. As a result I cannot provide the same information to the function, which in turn doesn't work.

Now I'm looking for an alternative. Is there a function or transaction I can call that will take me to given date on a specific planning book? Thanks for the help!

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