APO PPDS - Synchronizing activities on Multi-Activity Resour

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APO PPDS - Synchronizing activities on Multi-Activity Resour

Post by Frank1978 » Mon May 05, 2014 4:48 am


I am starting immersing myself into Planning and Scheduling of Orders / Operations on Multi-Activity Resources and have found the functionality of synchronizing the activities on multi-activity resources. I would be really glad to hear some tips and tricks how to proceed best to set-up the synchronization and if there are any other alternatives.

Here are my questions:

1. When does it make sense to use the synchronizing functionality on mli-activity resources?

2. Can I use it only if the operations of different orders running in parallel have identical duration and at least one common characteristic, e.g. temperature (set-up group) of 20 degrees Celcius (setup key)?

3. Is it enough to add the setup group and setup key to the operations in routing? or do I still have to maintain the setup matrix in apo ?

4. Has forward / backward scheduling any impact on the scheduling?

5. When the synchronization is flagged on the resource and setup groups / setup keys are maintained in the routings, do I still have to maintain additional data? If yes, what?

6. Can I combine synchronization with parallel sequences defined in the routing in SAP ECC ( I am using production data structure, PDS)

7. Any tips, tricks?

A big THANK YOU for all your answers!!!


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