about implemente SAP HR module

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about implemente SAP HR module

Post by sap_new_2005 » Fri Mar 21, 2008 3:21 am

Hi all who has HR module China implemente experience,

Is that take long time to implemente HR module for China (more than one year?), due to China tax and labor laws? And during implenmente, is that need much development to customize to meet the requirements of China HR raws, because SAP don’t have the country specific functionality to address the complex Chinese tax and labor laws?
If you are already on SAP HR, Can you briefly tell us:

· What version you are on.

· What issues you have with SAP HR in China.

· Are you interfacing to any legacy or third party software.

· Did you have to customize/modify/enhance SAP – if so, how much.

· How long did it take to implement.

· How many users?

· How many locations are you managing in China on your SAP HR?


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Re: about implemente SAP HR module

Post by datangosalesguy1 » Tue Aug 12, 2008 5:07 pm


datango / adding efficiencies to application roll out, training and end user adoption…

datango offers a unique authoring software for documentation development, knowledge transfer and in-application based performance support for users of virtually any software system (particularly SAP, Peoplesoft / ORACLE). Specifically, reducing the costs associated with documentation development, training and support considerably while simultaneously drastically increasing user productivity.

Please view a brief 2 minute audio video presentation at: http://www.datango.com

For example; a car manufacturer utilizes datango for its SAP Application “Travel-management” (booking and accounting of business trips) for more than 30.000 users worldwide. Through a context sensitive, process oriented guidance datango supports the users’ just-in-time directly when operating the system (“Software navigation system”). Thus the mal-operation rate is reduced by up to 80 % compared to a situation without using datango and the process quality is increased accordingly. This leads to cost reductions at the user help desk and increased user productivity through “Learning by Doing” which result in a positive ROI within approximately 4 months.

At the same time software simulations are produced automatically in the standard mode "Demo", "Training", "Test" und "Concurrent" as well as high-quality process documentations in word or power-point format, which can be used as training materials for face-to-face trainings or for self-study. Thus production costs for these materials, and thereby expenses for trainings and rollouts, are reduced considerably while the security of a successful software introduction increases at the same time. The unique object recognition and re-recording technology of datango localizes learning contents fully automated in over 33 + languages, which significantly lowers the expenses for international rollouts.

Some of the benefits we provide are as follows:

• Quick, inexpensive creation of Prototypes
• Business Process Documents
• Test Scripts
• User adoption
o (Simulation Overviews, Practice Overviews, Assessment Exercises, Training Manuals, Performance Support and ongoing Job Aids).
• Post implementation remediation (in-application help)
• Over 33 Languages translated at the touch of a button for easy international localization
• Maximum R.O.I. (Return on Investment)

All generated in a streamlined and synchronized manner, effectively reducing costs and increasing significantly end user adoption and ongoing productivity.

How does your calendar look for a brief introductory call with one of our specialists?

Are there others within your organization concerned with these issues and solutions?

If so; would a conference call and perhaps online demonstration be of interest?

Please feel free to forward this message to those individuals... (Many Thanks)

Kind Regards,

Art 781.663.7520

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Re: about implemente SAP HR module

Post by nageswararao » Tue Jun 09, 2009 12:33 am

Any body having PE51 Form Editor expert, share the config details for Cumulation or summation of wage types with few examples. It is very urgent. my id is eswar_12321@rediffmail.com
gvnrao, HR consultant

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