xRPM, cProjects Implementation Team- # consultants required?

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xRPM, cProjects Implementation Team- # consultants required?

Post by lbarnett » Mon Apr 27, 2009 9:57 am

Hello... General Question

We are currently investigating how our company will proceed to install xRPM and cProjects. My question is - What are the required skillsets that we need to look at for the project team that we need to assemble together? We want to implement within 6 months... Currently in process of implementing Netweaver Portal and ESS

SAP Project Manager, SAP Netweaver Consultant, xRPM Functional Consultants, SAP ABAP, SAP Security,???? etc...

Approx how many project team members will be required for a successful implementation at a minimum?

Unfortunately we were only able to locate one case study that was somewhat helpful so any assistance is appreciated!

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Re: xRPM, cProjects Implementation Team- # consultants required?

Post by sksomani » Mon Jun 29, 2009 7:34 am

Hi Friend

I am cProject/XRPM consultant and did one complete implementation. These are two products and loosly coupled. Hence, you need to plan complete integration. Are your organization using SAP PS and SAP HR. You will need one consultant for cProject/XRPM, one FI consultant who should have knowledge of PS costing and budgeting and one SAP HR functional consultant will be required to create OU structure for xRPM. If you
would like to implement Time Sheet - CATS, then the HR consultant should have the knowledge of CATS
implementation. These are the requirement from functional side. In technical side - one EP Administrator, one EP Developer and one ABAP will be required.

The team of six people with one project manager is sufficient for this project. This is not six month
project. You can implement cProject, XRPM, CATS in 3 months time. Two weeks requirement gathering,
four weeks for configuration, four weeks for testing, data preparation to go live and two weeks for users training.


Shashi Somani
you can contact me at shashi.somani@namoh.co.in for further clarification.

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