Mothballing SAP

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Mothballing SAP

Post by DavidC » Mon May 18, 2009 4:48 am

OK, this is a strange one, to me at least, but here goes...

Our company has been using an implementation of SAP for a specific project that is now coming to an end. They want to close down the system completely, but with the option of relaunching it later using the data records that currently exist, but probably imported into a new Enterprise structure. The financial data will also have to be maintained for audit and other legal purposes.

I've done several SAP implementations but never a close-down like this! From a functional, rather than a Basis/infrastructure, point of view, does anyone know what configuration or other data protection measures we will need to take to safeguard the data and facilitate a restart so much later? Are there any other issues the company will need to consider? We use ECC6 and FICO (GL/AR/AP/Banks) with COPA, and SD MM

During the period between the closure of the SAP system and its re-initialisation in expanded form - maybe 18 months later - they will run the functions now done in SAP in an old system. Again, I have done transfers of data from legacy systems into SAP but never the reverse. Any suggestions, other than ensuring compatibility, for this process?

I strongly suspect that when they look at re-starting the use of SAP it will essentially be a new implementation from scratch, with perhaps some Customer/Vendor/Materials/FICO master data imported, but involving all the stages of the road map. However, if there is anything we can do to help whoever does that then we will. So, any suggestions or information will be welcome.

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Re: Mothballing SAP

Post by sriramna » Mon Sep 28, 2009 11:07 am

What did you actually do?

In my opinion, one could archive (SAP equivalent of mothballing) all the relevant SAP objects. This will ensure business closure. I don't suppose you will restart the same system as it would have lost all the transactional updates in the intervening months. Therefore you would need to rebuild afresh an SAP system with this data.

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