Maintenance coverage by SAP

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Maintenance coverage by SAP

Post by samehega » Sun Feb 14, 2010 1:24 am

i have this question that i cant answer neither through negotiation with the SAP team nor through lots of articles i could get to check
the question itelf maybe really simple but needs opinion of SAP user
we are about to invest in SAP
and i find the module structure /pricing very confusing
this would be the concern of all the plant but to make things easier for me i would just worry about maintenance

questions simply is
should the PM Module be enough for all maintenance activities? in other words
the wide maintenance activities (repair, preventive maintennce,maintenance inventory,outsourcing)all that covered in one module?
or we would need license for other modules as well

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Re: Maintenance coverage by SAP

Post by saurabhsinha16 » Wed Jun 22, 2011 4:56 am

If you want to do the above said plant maintenance activities, all these are covered by SAP PM Module. I believe you have already implemented other modules of SAP and going for this module.
There are two cases

Case I: You dont have SAP.
If you haven't implemented SAP. You need to search a good implementing partner and buy user licence. You do not have to pay for the core modules again . i.e. PP,MM, SD, HCM, FI,CO, PM, ETC.

In terms of pricing. there are three costs involved in SAP implementation
[*]SAP licence cost : Which is paid to SAP AG
[*]Hardware Cost: Cost to buy server
[*] Implementation cost: Which is paid to the implementing partner.

Case II: You have SAP .i.e. you have implemented all other core modules except PM

You will not have to buy license again for PM module. You will have to just pay for module implementation to the implementing partner

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Re: Maintenance coverage by SAP

Post by Baz » Wed Jun 22, 2011 5:25 am

or third option! sign up for SaaS and only pay for usage!!! ... iders/sap/

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