Portal Roles copying

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Portal Roles copying

Post by Digby » Sat Mar 26, 2011 11:54 am

Hi all,

I am struggling with somehing which worked when IMPORTED roles i .e roles which has a DATA SOURCE of "UME", but when I want to IMPORT roles which has the DATA SOURCE of " PORTAL" in the other system were im porting across I get a error message saying they already exist? they dont exist at all.

Now, I than tried importing into the new system NEATWEAVER 7.0 manually, like copy and paste, and the roles are created but the DATA SOURCE is showing as UME and not PORTAL ? ? ?

I need a PORTAL ROLE to show as PORTAL in the data source ( AS OBVIOULSY IT HAS iVIEWS ETC....)

can anyone help?
can someone advice as i need to fix this in soon.;

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