JavaScript and WebDynpro ABAP

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JavaScript and WebDynpro ABAP

Post by Phatinox » Mon Apr 04, 2011 3:34 pm

Hello guys im kinda new to SAP and Web Dynpro so im gonna ask some questions about the problem im into:

I have a small form in web dynpro with a input field where the user writes one table name and if he click's the form button the program will generate dynamic html into a iframe and show the result in html.

Problem is i need to implement a autocomplete mechanism (similar to google search) in the input field with tablenames.
This would be easy to do with JavaScript but seems impossible to implement:
From my investigation in the internet:
- Using Webdynpro in ABAP to control this kind of events ( onkeyDown ) seems impossible.
- Using BSP is one of the only ways to do it but i was told not to use it).

Do you guys have any suggestion to solve this problem?


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