ISA 5.0 display issue

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ISA 5.0 display issue

Post by bry422 » Fri Oct 28, 2011 4:49 am

I have setup a LOCAL (on my laptop) ISA 5.0 B2B application attached to an ECC6 backend. Everything is "working". I can get to the login page of the B2B app. I can log in. I can see catalogs (TREX is working). The only problem is that all the elements (buttons, colors) on the B2B web pages are missing. It's like I'm getting the text-only version of the site. I hope that explanation makes sense. This problem also appears when I create new web shops. When I go to that link, and log in, I have the same issue. I can create web shops, but the buttons are missing, colors, tabs... and so on.

but.. when I connect to the DEV/QAS or PRD version of our custom B2B with my laptop using the same IE8 client, I CAN see all the buttons, colors, tabs and so on on those pages. The problem only exists on my LOCAL install of the B2B. XCM config URLs work fine, too. It's just the Shop Admin/Web Shop site and the actuall B2B URL that are missing all the "look and feel" elements.

Example -

http://localhost:50000/shopadmin/shopadmin/ - If I got to this local link to create web shops, I don't see any HTML elements (Instead of the Login button, I just see the text "Login" underlined like a hyperlink).

http://<dev_server>:50000/shopadmin/shopadmin/ - If I go to this DEV link to view the web shops on DEV, everything is fine.

Any ideas?
Bryan Fickle

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