Power Tools for SAP

Third Party products such as GuiXT, BMC Patrol, Vertex, Ixos etc...

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Power Tools for SAP

Post by pvcharan » Wed Jun 25, 2003 2:25 am

Uptimizer: Inventories all non-standard SAP objects, analyzes points of failure from current system to target system. Suggests performance improvements through BDC replacements through standard BAPI's. Contains simple object repair tracking system. The eliminates the need for manual assessment which is part of the standard SAP technical upgrade approach.

Hot Pac: Analyzes current Support Pac level. Shows all objects affected by Support Pacs released, but not implemented. Provides the client an intelligent way to understand the impacts of applying the current Support Pac release. The analysis includes all standard ABAP code, Z-code, and notes applied previously as well as the Support Pacs. Eliminates the need for manual assessment of the impact of Support Pacs, another very time consuming process.

Archive Pac: Shows what is contained in the client's Database. Shows what transactions cause Database growth. Analyzes the rate of growth of the database. Reports on who uses this data and when it is used. Calculates how much storage space is needed. Assists in planning for storage media. Shows how much a client can save in data storage by archiving. Shows what can be archived. Calculates how long the archiving process should take. Helps a client plan the need for quick data retrieval. Overall goal is to enhance response time and transaction performance.

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Re: Power Tools for SAP

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