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PI SFTP adapter issues

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 9:13 pm
by seldear
Hey there!

I'm the PI Developer on this project, working with the company's Basis people to send a flat file (CSV delimited) out to a server. No transformation from XML to flat file required, just the passing of the file from one end to the next.

We're using the SFTP adapter, and I've filled in the details of server, port, fingerprint, etc. I didn't use the Message Transformation Bean because there didn't seem to be a need given that the file is flat to flat, and the Message Transformation Bean only has XMLtoFlat or FlattoXML.

When I pass the file through, the Runtime Workbench CC monitoring tells me that the message processing has failed. "Message processing failed. Cause: javax.resource.ResourceException: 4: Putting [file destination directory and name] failed."

I've done a bunch of Google searches and can't find any other circumstances where the "put" command failed, and I've adjusted all the variables I could think to do - adding the directory slashes, removing them, trying to copy other SFTP adapters and use those... The closest I've come is "Putting [file dest. directorty and name] failed."

The people on the destination server tell me that PI isn't even making contact with the server. As in, PI isn't even logging in.

Has anyone seen this before, or have anything that might point me in the right direction? I'm stumped, because all I have access to do is change the values in the SFTP adapter definition, but those values don't seem to be working when we run the transfer. The Basis guys says they're working in an SFTP window, and thinks it's my entry of the channel details, but I've modified and adjusted and tweaked and still get "Putting [file dest. directorty and name] failed."

Has anyone successfully implemented an SFTP adapter in PI before? Particularly with a flat-to-flat transfer. And if so, were there any particular things you had to tweak to get it working?

cheers and thanks if you can help!