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Post by snoopyaui » Mon May 11, 2009 3:21 pm

Hi, folks.

Has anyone encountered errors in using these two BAPIs to change and/or delete referenced Specification data (i.e. data from a reference Spec)? In SAP 4.7 with EH&S version 3.2, the *CHANGE works (e.g., Usage is changed) but not the *DELETE (e.g., VA instance is not deleted). In ECC 6.0 with EH&S version 2005, both *CHANGE and *DELETE don't work. The common error from the two systems is "C§ 356 No values are available for the key specified" referring to PROP_HEADER and PROP_VAL tables (ECC6.0) and to PROP_VAL table (SAP4.7). Note that BAPI_BUS1077_GETDETAIL (before the *CHANGE and *DELETE BAPI calls) retrieves the data correctly (including the reference Spec via field REF_RECNRH) and this data are passed to the relevant *CHANGE and *DELETE BAPI tables.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts/insights.

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