Reserved stock can be issued by others

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Reserved stock can be issued by others

Post by GreenGreen » Thu Jun 07, 2018 12:11 am

Dear experts,

In our shop, stocks can be reserved by Reservations via a maintenance order (movement type 261), and reserved stocks can be seen by MMBE.
After ATP check, the stock can also be seen as committed quantity.

However, other ones can also goods issue those committed quantity by MIGO_GI or MIGO, and those who reserve the stock first, find it angry that their stocks had been "stolen".

Regarding this, is there anyone of your experts know what possible way we had set wrong in configuration, or can suggest how to prevent other good issue on the reserved quantities, or how to control only those specific maintenance orders (which created with reservations) can issue those reserved stocks?

Thank you.
Green Green

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