IP30 - Work Orders not getting generated

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IP30 - Work Orders not getting generated

Post by BIDOR » Thu May 02, 2019 7:49 am


We have been having a problem since the beginning of the year where IP30 Deadline Monitoring is not creating orders when, according to maintenance plan and scheduling parameters, it should.

As an example, we have a maintenance plan with a one year cycle. The call horizon within the maintenance plan is set at 96%.

In IP30, the interval for Call Ojects is set to 6 Days..

Based upon these parameters if, for example we have a planned date of May 1st 2019, the call date would be April 16th 2019 (May 1st - 14,4 days).

If IP30 is run on April 14th at 05:00:00, it should generate an order for this maintenance plan.

As we understand it, the base date for calculation is the system date of execution of IP30 and then it should generate all calls on hold up to April 20th 2019 (April 14th + 6 days). Since the call date for the maintenance plan is on April 16th, it should have been generated but it's status stays "Scheduled hold". The thing is within the call algorithm, we can see the "Last call on 2019-04-14" and "Called by IP102..." but no order has been generated.

Are we missing Something on the calculation method ? (we have'nt had that problem last year)

Thanks for your input !

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