Infro structure update

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Sami li
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Infro structure update

Post by Sami li » Wed Jun 15, 2005 8:09 pm

Dear all,

I want to update the information structure S061 because the report is not correct, it is first time run in new production system. In IMG, "Perform Setup - Plant Maintenance", first, I copy the version 000 to 001, then delete version 000. After that, I do "Set Up: Plant Maintenance IS" under version 000, then do "PMIS Statistical Setup". After all things were done, I still can't find the data in S061(it is still empty). Please tell me what step is wrong?


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Post by Chudy » Fri Jun 17, 2005 1:20 am

1. Setup of PMCO
 Transaction: OLI5 or SPRO -> Logistic General -> LIS -> DW -> DB -> Tools -> Setup -> Application specific -> PM -> PMIS Statistical Setup
 Program: RIPMCO00
 Parameters
o Order: 10000000 to 99999999 (all orders)
o Order type: PM01 to PM13 (all types)
o Test run: not ticked
o Create control list: not ticked
 Job name: RIPMCO00
2. Setup of version “&(“ for all PMIS structures
 Transaction: OLPM or SPRO -> Logistic General -> LIS -> DW -> DB -> Tools -> Setup -> Application specific -> PM -> Setup: PMIS
 Program: RIPMS001
 Parameters
o Select Information structure
o Save under version: keep default &(
o Temporary version: keep default
o Server group: check with basis consultant (leave blank)
o Number of parallel proc: check with basis consultant (=1)
o Block documents ticked
o New Run ticked
o Parallel not ticked
o Keep defaults for all other parameters
 Job name: RIPMS001
3. Copy of version “&(“ to version “000â€

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