Component in PM-order without reservation

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Component in PM-order without reservation

Post by Thehen » Tue Aug 16, 2005 8:52 am

Hello All,

At this moment in our system (4,6c) directly a reservation is created when a component is add in a PM-order.

Is it somehow possible to add components (with SAP materialnumber) in a pm-order without automatically creating a reservation ?

We would like to keep the functionality to plan material in a Pm-order (for cost overview) without creating a reservation because the Master data (E.G delivery time) of the materials is not reliable at this moment.
Also goods issue of a material with reservation causes problems because this must be done to the reservation. In our case the guy who makes all the goods issues (a storeman) in the system does not know in front that there is a reservation for a certain material.

Thanks in advance



Post by JS1 » Mon Aug 22, 2005 7:13 am

Dear Theo,

You can avail this for Preventive ordres by Maintenance plan.Procedure follows.
1)Create Maintenance task list with components.
2)Create Maintenance plan for Equi/FL by attaching task list.
3)Schedule maintenance plan.(IP30)
4)Check the maintenance plan costing by (IP31)




Post by RG » Mon Aug 22, 2005 9:16 pm

You should have an Resv/PReq indicator you can set to "Never" during creation only, then you'll have to go to the General Data button and set the cost relevancy indicator so that you'll pick up Planned cost. That's the way it is in 4.7 and I'm pretty sure it's available in 4.6c.

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Post by Thehen » Wed Aug 24, 2005 2:34 am

Hello RG,

Thanks for your answer, with this indocator it is indeed possible that NO reservation is created. I was not aware of the possibility to set this indicator per component.

For materials and text items (item category L or N )this indicator can be set on 1 (=never).
I have one more question related to this subject.
I also tried to change this indicator on 2 (from release) however than the system comes up with message no IW 295

Relevance to MRP set at 3, as order released or activated

You have set the relevancy for materials planning manually to 2 (this
means "later, or on release").

The order has either already been released or the relevancy for
materials planning for the whole order is on 3 (this means "immediately
relevant for materials planning").

System Response

The system sets the relevancy for materials planning to 3.

The system set the indicator back the 3 (=immediately) which is the default value of the indicator set in IMG

Is it possible to change the indicator into 2 (from release) for each component ?

Once more thanks for your answer.


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Post by Chudy » Wed Aug 24, 2005 10:59 pm

A quote from SAP help:

In Customizing for Functions and Settings for Order Types under Define Change Docs, Collective Purc. Req. Indicator, Operation No. Interval, you can choose between the following stages for the entire material for the order:

For this, set the Res./purch.req. indicator.

This stage can no longer be canceled, since reservations have already been indicated as effective or purchase requisitions have been generated for the order. It also applies for all materials and operations to be processed externally that you have scheduled or that you enter subsequently.

If I read it correctly if the indicator set to 3 it can not be changed


Post by c3-po » Mon Aug 29, 2005 5:29 am

yet you can delete those positions and re-enter them once again with value 2 (from release)

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Post by JS1 » Sat Sep 03, 2005 6:55 am

Dear RG / Thehen

I have checked it, it generates a Reservation number but goods movement can't take place.
Is this right what I understood?


Sami li
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Post by Sami li » Sun Sep 04, 2005 9:33 pm

Hi, all

You can select indicator "1" never. The result is that when you create order with components, the reservation for components still generated automatically, but invaild. That is say, when you do goods issue use MB1A for either reservation No. or order No., the system will tell you Order XXXXXXX not found or not permitted for goods issue.


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