Transferring WBS elements

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Transferring WBS elements

Post by Saphir » Tue Dec 17, 2002 4:54 am

Hi there,

does anybody know a (preferably simple) functional procedure to transfer a WBS from one project definition to another? In our case, a number of WBS elements must be financially 'isolated' from the main project and be managed seperately in a new project definition. The problem is that actuals are already posted to those WBS elements, so the old trick of renaming-recreating-renaming can't be applied.

For the tech heads, there is table PRHI which handles the linkage WBS->project definition. Does it sound like a good idea to directly tackle this table with an ABAP (select single for update) and to re-shuffle the WBS assignments this way? (Hello database inconsistency??)

In your opinion, is the re-assignment of existing WBS elements to another project definition an approach that makes sense, conceptually speaking? How do companies usually adapt their project management when - for reasons of organisational re-structuring - partial projects are split off from an initially common project and the financial responsibilities for these partial projects are transferred to a new branch or new legal entity?

Any input is appreciated :)

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transfering the WBS

Post by fatman » Wed Dec 18, 2002 5:07 am


1. create a new WBS with all relevant org. data.
2. Reverse all the actual costs incurred in the old WBS.( eg: GR,CATS manhours,FI documents)
3. Transfer all the costs to new WBS through FI postings.( here you can take out the consolidated actual costs and post )
4.Mark deletion indicator in the old WBS.( Don't delete completely.It may lead to some other problems in the future)

I hope this information is sufficient.This procedure I suggest and use in my project .



Post by Saphir » Wed Dec 18, 2002 5:24 am

Nice one, Fatman. Much appreciated!

I reckon it's a pity that there is no standard utility for this, especially in these times of permanent re-structuration and re-organisation. Perhaps this might inspire some brilliant developers... ;)


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