Network Parameters from Sales Order

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Network Parameters from Sales Order

Post by Lucinda » Mon Mar 17, 2003 11:59 am


We are looking at using the sales order to initiate a network/project. These are the settings:

Material Planning Strategy Set Parameters in CN08 transaction
300168 85 Yes

Parameters set for material/order type:
Material: 300168
Order type: PS04
std network: STD-FULL * Customer Defined
Ext. rels: All networks
Class type: 020
Network profile: MMS-004 * Customer Defined
MRP Controller: 2 (from material master)
Std WBS element: AAAA-MAT *Customer Defined

The results: When I create a sales order, the network creation is intiated but a network is created for each line item in the sales order. Is this as designed?

For example,

Sales Order/Item Network
300168/0010 900820
300160/0020 900821
300172/0030 900822

Your time and input is greatly appreciated,


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network parameter for sales order

Post by fatman » Mon Mar 17, 2003 9:28 pm

Hi Cindy,

The item catagory of the line item of sales order decides whether to generate network or not.

If all the line item have the same item catagory , then system will genetate each network for each line item .


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