General question : SAP R/3 Implementation & User Licenses

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General question : SAP R/3 Implementation & User Licenses

Post by Count » Mon Mar 31, 2008 3:30 pm

Hi Guys,...

yes I searched the forum for this and read a few threads about user licenses but what I am looking for is a general-comprehensive on what needs to be taken in consideration before u come to a conclusion of the "number of user licenses" u would require for a particular client.

eg: If a client plans to implement all modules in SAP R/3, logistics, finance and controlling, HR... the works,... and if you happen to be the solution architect, what would you consider before u arrive at approx number of user licenses ure client would need to buy ????

Hmm,.. well I know that these days ppl wudnt just go for normal user licenses from a sap-hr perspective coz with ep and ess mss,.. I suggest em to talk to sap about getting portal licenses directly (ess/mss/hr admin bus packs so no r/3 user license is required). But what would I need to consider say from a SD/MM/FICO implementation perspective???

Alternately if you can guide me to an appropriate place on oss with some documentation on this I would be obliged.

Last but not the least I am hoping that this thread could in fact be a collective-repository-of-info from the perspective of all different consultants (tech/basis/functional-various-modules) for info related to user-licenses and your respective opinions on what criteria you would consider from your module perspective to advise on no-of-user-licenses. . Appreciate all/any input. As always,.. many thanks :)


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Re: General question : SAP R/3 Implementation & User Licenses

Post by Harters » Wed Jan 21, 2009 10:29 am

SAP can be very vauge about the licensing..unless it thinks you have got it wrong.

R/3 will hold all your FICO/MM/SD/WM/HR e.t.c modules and the rule of thumb is that you will need to purchase one license for every Dialog user. System and communcation users are licensed normally.

There are different levels of licensing as well so in many organisations you will find lots of users who say work out in the field and just use SAp to enter their timesheets. It's not fair to have to buy a full license just for a user to access SAP once a month to enter a time sheet and so these becaome "light" users and as such you can get Light user licenses for them.

SAP will monitor SAP usage and licensing in a number of ways - most popul;ar is via the early watch feature.

As for the other systems like SEM, CRM, SRM APO e.t.c I think the principle is the same but suddendly once you have 4 or 5 systems it gets expensive so then you look at enterprise licensing.

Contact the Customer Services Rep for the client or get them to and then you'll get it from the hourses mouth...much safer !!
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