Blank Compression for a column

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Blank Compression for a column

Post by s100 » Mon May 10, 2010 6:40 am


I am new to SAP-EHS.

We are working on one SD sheet (Material Safety Data Sheet) layout. I have simplified the issue for below.

In it displayed a table having 2 columns and 1 row.

In the top row of every column, relevant column_name (Header) is printed.
Header of first column (appearing in the cell formed by top row and first column) is say - Conentration.
Value in the second row of first column is say 2 (with some units)

Second Column Header is say Density.
Its value is say 3 (with some units)

To meet the client's requirement, we need to suppress the column for which value is not available.
I mean if value 3 were not available for Concentration, first column should not be displayed and printed at all.

I understand that suppression of data in this manner is achieved using 'Blank Compression'.
Our team attempted it but could not achieve 'Blank Compression' of a column.

Can anybody plesse help by advising me how to suppress a column if value does not exist for that Header?



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